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File Delivery Guidelines

A quick overview of the best way to deliver files for mixing to me

General Notes

  • Please provide the current reference/rough mix for each song

  • If you recorded to a click, please provide the BPM for the project

  • Inclusion of the musical key is also helpful

File Delivery

  • Please deliver all files as WAV or AIFF

  • Deliver consolidated audio tracks starting at Bar 1 Beat 1

  • Only deliver the files intended to be mixed

  • Audio files should be at the original recorded sample rate and bit depth (48kHz and 32bit or 24bit preferred)

  • Avoid normalization settings when exporting

  • Name and number your audio tracks (and subsequent exports) clearly (eg. 01_KickInDry.wav, 12_Gtr01Dry.wav, 23_LeadVoxWet.wav etc.)

  • In most cases print and deliver the DRY tracks

  • In instances where you are happy with a processed sound, print both the WET and DRY versions

  • Please deliver the WET, DRY, and FX returns separately for the Lead Vocal


  • WET - Includes any effects and automation, as is heard in the reference mix

  • DRY - The original RAW material without any processing or automation

  • FX Returns - The reverb/delay/modulation returns without any ‘dry’ signal


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