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17 Putting My Feet Up: Furniture is in!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

The studio build was making progress, and I wanted to get some of the bigger furniture in before the door went on, or angles got too tight to pivot around. At this time, I also had some projects coming up that I needed to work on, so it was a better time than any to get my equipment in situ.

The first port of call was getting the first layer of fabric onto the soffit walls as this may be tricky once my equipment was in. The second action was to clear out all the mess that had been building up!

With the room tidy, I brought in my studio desk, which was made in blog post 05. This had to be disassembled in its original location and reassembled in the basement.

Next was TV time, mounting in the chimney breast, then covering the surrounding area with thick MDF and fabric - similar to the soffit walls.

Finally up and running... although I'll be the first to admit it's not the nicest looking studio at the moment! But, it's sounding pretty good, and I can get work done.

The last bit of big furniture to bring in was the sofa - we all need a bit of comfort in our studios! Once the sofa was in, I could finish framing the entrance and doorway.

And that's it for this week, one of the easier parts of building a studio, but very rewarding as it actually makes the space usable!

Next time we'll look at finally finishing the front wall.

Frank Leonard Walker

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