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18 That's A Panelin': Studio Front Wall Finish

It was time to finally finish the front wall. This consisted of cutting, sanding, oiling, and attaching around 60 pine strips to the existing MDF board. The reason for this slatted wood design was two-fold; firstly - at a depth of 17mm they would add extra weight to the front wall, secondly - the slatted design would also act as a diffuser - keeping the room acoustically lively.

After I had attached the fabric to the front wall and ceiling, using a staple gun, I attached the first three slats which would hold the slanted ceiling shape, and provide a solid line for me to measure the vertical slat lengths and angles.

Next came the lengthy task of measuring, cutting, sanding, and oiling the 60-odd pine strips. This took around a week as I applied several coats of danish oil, which I had to wait to dry. You can see my very DIY set-up below.

I began by mounting the strips around the speakers first. This would allow me to measure the correct distance between each strip I would need to leave, this happened to be the width of a pencil, which I could use as a guide when mounting each new strip.

I worked my way out from the speaker to the sidewalls, covering the hidden push panel access points, but leaving the last strip on each side until I had finished adding fabric to the rest of the studio.

Next, was filling the space around the speaker, and trimming the gap beneath for airflow.

Finally, trimming was added around the TV, and the mammoth task was done!

Next time, we'll look at adding more diffusion. This time to the back wall with building a QRD Diffuser.

Frank Leonard Walker

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